You like to be in control of your relationships you are logical when it comes to love so try not to be too clinical and love like yours is warm and shiny.


You also like to be in control but happiness is your biggest weakness you are a sensual person who follows the flow once you fall in love.


You are passionate and hopelessly romantic you do not like to be alone so you fall in love with great difficulty people may find you fun and needy but you just love.


You are always careful when it comes to love you like people who are ambitious because you are expected to find a true life partner.


It is very difficult that you sometimes have trouble finding love you are very attractive you love your freedom very much but it is also easy for you to love.


You often feel very weak in love it is very difficult to understand you, you feel your love well love consumes you so do not forget to be kind and patient.


You want someone who treats you with respect as well as someone who deserves respect you don't settle down after a date it takes you a long time before entering into a long term relationship.


You are very passionate about love and relationships you can't see things falling down so it can look dramatic remember to take deep breaths and keep the head cool.


You want to travel the world and take mundane pictures so want an adventurous and free spirited love and fall in love with a little hesitation.


Capricorns want a very serious relationship and if you are not ready for that then let them stay once they get emotional they will be the best friend and your best lover.


Your heart is very big you pay the most attention to your life partner and love them selflessly which leads to a very emotional type of love.


You are sociable, gentle, sensitive and resistant by nature, every fight of yours goes to the point and arguing with you can spoil the whole day so you should take care and try to be polite in such times.


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