You want everyone to know you love your family and friends very much and stand up all the time to protect them you show yourself tough but you also have a big heart. 


You want everyone to know that you are a loyal friend and partner and you always stand by their side no matter what happens you feel comfortable doing things in a certain way you hate their change.


You just want love you care a lot about your loved ones but are not able to express your feelings and live your life for fun because you believe that any day can be the last.


You want everyone to know that you are a very gentle and kind person but your kindness is not your weakness and you value honesty, loyalty and trust the most.


You like to be in the headlines and be in charge of everyone you are big hearted and know how to give more than take but you don't want people to take advantage of your very generous nature.


You want everyone to know that you are extremely loyal and you want very loyal friends you are often alone until someone captures your heart and mind and when this happens you fall deeply for that person.


You want everyone to know that you think more than you say this world of injustice hurts you a lot although you keep most of your thoughts to yourself.


You want everyone to go and help others even when they are secretly dealing with their problems you love your close friends and family very much and can do anything for them.


You want everyone to know that You don't like to feel attached or repressed you like to see new things and go on adventures you like to be alone.


You want everyone to know that you work your way all the time and are considered hard minded you know what you're looking for and won't stop until you've achieved it.


You want everyone to know You're an open minded conversational sign of what everyone wants everyone to go who can sit for hours talking about life and sharing interesting stories.


You want everyone to know you want peace you like to daydream about different countries and the world when you are over stressed, bored or frustrated.

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