Beagles have one of the best noses in the canine kingdom, and their intellect helps them detect up scents. Beagles are agile, tiny, and energetic scent hounds.


 Despite their small size, dachshunds can seek sensitive odours on the ground and in the air. The only scent hound allowed to hunt above and below ground, they're tiny pups.

Basset Hound

The basset hound, a short breed with exceptional scent ability, has been developed for years to help hunters track even the lightest scents. They're squat to keep their noses down.

English Pointer

Pointers are one of the best hunting dogs despite their larger size. They excel at airborne prey. They have keen sniffers, a deep muzzle, and large nostrils to track game birds.


The harrier is a breed of scent hound native to England. They are able to stay undetected throughout their hunts because of their short legs and powerful noses.


One of the first scent hound breeds, bloodhounds are famous for tracking. They've been hunting since 1000 and have a one-track mind that won't give up on a smell.

English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniels can detect hot, cold, wet, and dry odours. This wind-sniffing scent hound is trail-ready. This breed's versatile snout makes it ideal for tracking drugs, and skeletons.


Bluetick, English, black-and-tan, and redbone coonhounds all have excellent noses and scent work skills. The optimal use of coonhound noses varies per breed.

American Foxhound

The American foxhound is known for its scenting skills. One of the rare scent dogs that tracks alone while their owners stay still, this breed loves to sniff.

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