Ways to Show Your Love Without Saying a Word

Be Kind

Ignoring the flaws of the people you care about can make them feel loved, even if you don't say a word.

Keeping kindness inside you for your partner is enough to make your partner feel loved.

Take the initiative to adore yourself

Accepting love is an act of love in and of itself. Kindly flash your partner a radiant grin.

Pay attention

Listen carefully to your partner, they should feel that you are listening to them carefully.

Learn the language of love

When it comes to making your partner feel appreciated, it is important that you understand what turns them on.

Some partners get it when you hold their hand, hug them or touch them. Others learn about your affection through the things you do on their behalf.

Cook favorite food for your partner

You can express your love for your partner by cooking food of his choice.

Whatever you can do to make your partner happy is enough to show your love

Engage in a coded handshake

Respond in a way that brings you and your spouse closer together in order to demonstrate your partner.

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