Warnings That Your Loved One Isn't Serious About Marriage

When you are very eager while talking about your mind, but as soon as the matter of marriage comes to the fore

Whenever the topic of marriage is brought up, they quickly change it

then they start ignoring it. When your partner is not able to talk openly about marriage, it means that they are not yet ready for marriage.

When partner is not ready for marriage then they make a negative comment for marriage

They speak negatively about marriage in general

when you talk about marriage with your partner then you can know how your partner feels about marriage, whenever the topic arises If so how do they react?

When they seem enthusiastic about your relationship in other ways, stick with your relationship as it is now, 

Their mood shifts when marriage is brought up

and don't talk about marriage. But as soon as they are asked for marriage, they completely change their mood and from right mood to bad mood.

When you start making plans for your partner's marriage and talk about how to take your future 

They don't want to talk about the future

forward after marriage, but when your partner is not ready, then they avoid talking about the future. 

In some cases, your partner likes to tell you directly without making any excuse that he is not yet ready for marriage.

They aren't shy about telling you so

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