Warnings Sign that Your Self-Esteem Is Low

Self-esteem affects how you feel about yourself, your motivation to pursue your goals, and your ability to form healthy, supportive relationships. Low self-esteem can be serious because it affects many aspects of life.

Weak Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem and confidence go together. Confidence boosts self-esteem, while low self-esteem lowers it. Self-confidence lets you handle different situations. Self-trust helps you handle life's challenges, improving your well-being.

Deficit in regulation

Low self-esteem sufferers feel helpless. They may feel helpless. Their external locus of control makes them powerless to solve their problems. Mental health can improve with higher self-esteem.

Disparaging Social Comparison

Social comparison can boost self-esteem. Comparing yourself to others also lowers self-esteem. Low self-esteem may make people compare themselves to others they think are better.

Compared to what? Comparisons can inform and inspire improvement. But inadequacy and despondency can lower self-esteem. Social media can contribute to such comparisons and low self-esteem.

Stress and uncertainty

Low-self-esteem people often worry they made the wrong choice after making a decision. They may second-guess themselves and follow others. This can cause self-doubt. Low self-esteem makes life decisions harder.

Seeking Approval from Others

Low self-esteem causes people-pleasing. To feel validated, self-doubters may try to please others. Pleasers often ignore others' needs. Low-esteem people feel guilty about saying no.

Poor Prognosis

Low self-esteem can cause pessimism. Low self-esteem can make life changes difficult. Typical self-sabotage. Finding obstacles to success allows low-self-esteem people to blame others.

Defeat Anxiety

Self-doubters doubt success. Fearing failure, they avoid challenges or quit early. Acting out or hiding inadequacy is fear of failure. Low-self-esteem people may excuse, blame, or minimise the task.

Thinking negatively about oneself

Low self-esteem accentuates flaws. They're always critical of themselves. Low-self-esteem people blame themselves. They criticise their looks, demeanour, or skills.

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