Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Embarrassing You

They constantly compare you to others

They constantly start comparing you with others, whenever you live with your partner, the boyfriend/girlfriend starts promoting something else by bringing it in between.

They don't empathize with your problems

When you ask for assistance or voice your worries to them, they respond with answers that are discouraging, and they exhibit zero empathy for your situation.

Tends to expose your weakness

Your partner has a propensity to exploit your frailty and sensitivity in order to gain an advantage over you.

They do not encourage you at all in your success

Whenever you are successful in something or something good happens to you, they do not encourage you at all and react as if nothing has happened.

Their words and actions will make you feel insignificant

Every time you express an opinion about a piece of work, the response is given in a lofty tone, and they start making jokes about you or making gestures that make you feel inferior.

They try to make it look like they don't care about you with their body language, and you don't matter anymore

They  focus on what other people think

When it comes to looking down, they don't care about you at all and care more about what others will think.

They make private squabbles public

Whenever there is some argument or fight between you, then in an attempt to humiliate you, he takes the fight outside and tries to show your mistake.

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