Warning signs that your marriage has become boring

Despite being together, having very little conversation with each other, and ignoring each other by pretending to be busy all the time.

Always feeling lonely

Transparency is very important between a happy couple, don't know how many things the couple share with each other.

Trust issue

But now your trust and transparency is gone, then it is a sign that you are not happy in the marriage.

When it comes to maintaining emotional intimacy in romantic relationships, physical touch is crucial.

Problems in physical relationship

When there is no sexual intimacy between partners, it's a symptom that one or both of them is unhappy in the relationship.

When you feel lonely and hurt and knowing all this, your partner does not care.

Feel neglected

You are doing any work, even if you come and sit next to them, if they start getting irritated then it indicates that the marriage is getting boring.


If you and your partner used to enjoy going on walks, drives, shopping trips, and restaurant outings together and are now finding that these activities have fallen by the wayside, you should work on fixing this.

Unanticipated shift

Whenever there is a normal conversation between you and it takes the form of an argument, it is also a sign that you are bored with your relationship.

Turning a conversation into an argument

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