Walmart, Costco, Target ban coconut milk

PETA Asia has been investigating Chaokoh's production ethics since 2019.

Costco, Kroger, Target, and Wegmans have ceased selling the company's milk at nearly 40,000 outlets, & America's largest retailer just added 5,000 more.

Walmart has deleted Chaokoh coconut milk from its inventory following investigations into the company's Thailand facilities, according to a press release.

PETA said Walmart made the decision after receiving 86,000 emails.

PETA's Tracy Reiman says the coconut trade utilises social monkeys as coconut-picking robots, depriving them of food, play, & family time.

"PETA exposes on coconut plantations are causing merchants to drop Chaokoh. Walmart's decision was thoughtful."

The group's first inquiry found animal cruelty on every farm and training centre that exploited monkey labour to collect coconuts or perform for tourists, like Chaokoh.

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