Best regional sodas for soda lovers

Some industries' strong brands can make us forget there are other possibilities. Coca-Cola & Pepsi products monopolise all the supermarket shelf space & edge out regional soda bottlers.


Even though Coca-Cola bought Moxie, it's still popular in New England and Pennsylvania. The drink is less sweet than other sodas and slightly bitter due to gentian root extract as a flavor.


First manufactured in 1937, Big Red is a bright-red cream soda with a bubble gum-like flavor from citrus oils & vanilla.


Founded in 1917 and passed down through five generations, Cheerwine is purported to be the "oldest continuing soft drink company still run by the same family."


This 2003-founded soda firm uses century-old local bottling methods and Hawaiian flavours like white cane sugar and Kauaian honey to make its drinks stand out.

Lilikoi of Waialua Soda

Blueberry Excel, situated in the Midwest, uses solely cane sugar & returnable botling machinry. Blueberry Breese, created with actual blueberry extracts & citrus flavour, is popular soda.


Ski is a popular soft drink in the Midwest & Southeast. It contains real orange & lemon juice, unlike chemically flavoured citrus sodas. Ski InfraRED is available in Utah & Alaska.


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