Surprising fast food facts


Chipotle offers hybrid quesadilla-burritos. Or not all Subway footlongs are 30cm? Fast food establishments aren't what they seem.

Australia & Texas have Domino's robots.

Domino's tests delivery robots in Australia & Houston, Texas. Golf-cart-size automobiles use GPS & sensors to find consumers' homes.

New Zealand's Domino's used delivery drones

Whangaparaoa, New Zealand, residents could formerly get Domino's pizzas by air. The 2016 test drones delivered within a mile of the store at 18 mph (30kmph).

Pete's Super Submarines

Subway was renamed in 1968. Dr. Peter Buck, one of its founders, named it Pete's Super Submarines. In 1965, when a sub cost 49 cents, he partnered with Fred DeLuca (39p).

Non-footlong Twelve-inch Subway subs

In 2013, the chain was sued for subpar sandwiches. Natural baking fluctuation means subs will be slightly various sizes, but no diner will be hungry.

First 100 Chick-fil-A customers get complimentary lunches.

First 100 customers at a new Chick-fil-A get free lunch for a year. First 100 campers wait overnight in the parking lot, so arrive early.

IHOP makes pancake omelettes.

McDonald's Did you know IHOP adds pancake batter to its omelettes? It adds sweetness & fluffiness to the breakfast favourite.

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