Extreme demand has taken this Taco Bell favourite off the menu again.

 Companies strive to boost demand. Even if a product flops, special campaigns and dramatic premieres can generate buzz. Sometimes these items sell like crazy without any marketing.

Taco Bell brought back the cult-favorite Mexican pizza, but most customers can't find it.

Mexican Pizza Taco Bell

Maybe there's no free lunch. Grubhub got more attention than it wanted when it offered New York City residents $15 off their orders for three hours.


Long queues, brawls, and a fatal stabbing were caused by the chicken sandwich. Popeyes' crown treasure appeared in August 2019, but the company quickly ran out.

Popeyes sandwich

Nutella has always been popular in Europe, but Intermarché lowered pricing on the chocolate-hazelnut spread in 2018.

Discounted Intermarché Nutella

McDonald's debuted Szechuan sauce in the late '90s to promote "Mulan," but it didn't stick around.

Szechuan Sauce

Free pizza attracts people. Domino's learned the hard way in 2016 after co-sponsoring a T-Mobile promotion offering free pizzas via smartphone.

T-Mobile/Free Domino's Pizza

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