United States' Favorite Dog Breeds

Labradors are popular in America. The lab's friendly, companion-focused vibe helps. Labs like children, dogs, and strangers. Smart and readily trained.


This breed is smart, loyal, and tough. These traits make German shepherds ideal assistance canines. These dogs love to play. They're fantastic for energetic people.

German Shepherd

Golden Retrievers are family-friendly. They're affectionate. Their good disposition makes them great with all ages. Golden retrievers have luxurious coats.

Golden Retriever

French Bulldogs are loyal. This breed is good with other dogs and children, making it a good family pet. So smaller than other bulldogs. French bulldogs are lapdogs.

French Bulldog

Poodles are elegant and poised. Originally, poodles were hunting dogs. Poodles were taught to swim and retrieve games.


Beagles are pleasant, quiet dogs with short, low-maintenance coats. A fenced-in yard helps them exercise. Curiosity drives these hunting hounds.


Size misunderstands Rottweilers. They're smart, trainable, and hardworking. Rottweilers have robust bodies and big hearts.


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