America's Favorite Fast-Casual Restaurant Debuts Unusual Order Pickup

You can get your favorite burrito without visiting Chipotle. The California fast-food company will expand its drive-through options and add new "lanes" for walk-up customers.

Gainesville, Fla., where foot traffic from the University of Florida is heavy, will get the chain's first walk-up window this week.

Walk-up windows were also trialled in Chicago and New York in 2019.

Urban locations without room for a drive-thru can use walk-thrus for rapid orders.

"We considered locations without enough area for a Chipotlane. These urban areas have heavy foot traffic "Tabassum Zalotrawala, Chipotle's CDO.

"Urban units are smaller, longer, or have narrower storefronts. So we created walk-up windows, like a human lane, so if you used the app & ordered beforehand."

In 2020, digital sales accounted for more than half of the chain's sales. The company aims to hire up to 10,000 more workers at drive-thrus, which will be its backbone.

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