Unique Traits of a Leo's Character

Leo, symbolised by the lion, is the monarch of the celestial forest. They love being royal: Passionate, theatrical, and vivacious

Leos crave the spotlight and self-promotion. These lions are natural leaders and appreciate artistically-inspired friendships and romances.

Leos love drama-filled tabloid romances. Every Leo believes they're famous. These astrological divas love extravagant dinners, parties, and fancy clothes.

The sun, which regulates life and vitality, rules Leo. Leos are stable, faithful, and consistent like the sun. They're loyal friends and lovers who invest in every relationship.

Leo Lions enjoy seeing their companions flourish, until they feel threatened. When they dread being eclipsed, they can become egotistical, proud, and jealous.

Celestial lions should remember that others' achievement doesn't dim their own light. Leos' hubris threatens their happiness.

Leos, as a fixed-sign, are admired for their drive and focus, but more than anything else, they stand out for their extraordinary fearlessness.

Leo is a physically, mentally, and emotionally robust sign, therefore the word "strong" is apt. Leos never give up hope, and their determination and bravery only increase with time.

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