Unique Species of Marsupials


They live in North, Central, and South America. Opossums are tree- and ground-dwellers. Balanced by clawed hands, feet, and tail.

Suger Gliders

Marsupials glide. Their patagiums range from mouse to cat size. Patagiums aid flight. Gliders have an arm-to-leg flap.

Tasmanian Devil 

Like a medium-sized dog, they're stocky and muscular. They're the largest carnivorous marsupial and have the hardest bite. 80-degree jaws can crush bone.


They're the most popular marsupial. JOES make the pouch apparent. Joeys are lima-bean-sized when born. They spend 9 months in their mother's pouch.


Wallabies are kangaroo-like. They're related to kangaroos but smaller. The nine lesser kangaroo species are called wallabies.


Seasonal koalas have One joey. Because koalas eat nutrient-poor leaves, they create little milk energy. Up to a year of nursing is required.


Wombats bury using a backward-facing pouch to avoid dirt. After 30 days, females have one kid that stays in the pouch for 6-7 months.


Bilbies are called rabbit-bandicoots for their bandicoot body and rabbit ears. Huge ears help them cool off and hear well in the desert.

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