Tutorial on Obedience Training for Puppies


Socialization exposes your dog to new people, places, and situations. Adults benefit from socialisation. Unsocialized puppies are fearful, aggressive, and barky. Differently handle your dog. Vet, groomer-approved.

House Training

Housebreak your puppy. Dog-sit. He's hungry. Let him potty after meals, drinks, and naps. Punishment ineffective. Confusing a puppy by scaring or rubbing his nose in excrement. Praise, treats, and playtime housetrain puppies.

A Method of Training Using Crates

Use a crate when you can't watch your puppy. If you let your puppy spend enough time in his kennel, he may love it. Crates prevent chewing and soiling. Housetraining crates assist. Dogs sleep without urinating.

held captive in a cramped quarter

Not overnight. He shouldn't run the home even when you're watching. Too many things hurt a puppy. Locking or gating him can avoid harmful behaviours. A puppy that chews furniture probably will again. 

Stop Abusive Chewing

Woof! New puppy owners know this. Teach a puppy what to chew instead of discouraging it. Confinement encourages chewing. Your puppy won't chew on furniture, shoes, toys, etc.

Stopping a Bite

Protection from a puppy's teeth is provided by bite inhibition. It protects adults against canine attacks. The differential between a puppy's harmless nip and a fatal bite could be as simple as teaching them biting inhibition.

Rewarding Behavior

Puppy training is best with positive reinforcement. Punishment prevents unwanted puppy behaviour but doesn't teach it. Fear and violence can result from harsh penalties. Positive reinforcement helps your dog obey.

Avoid Potentially Disruptive Behavior

Basic obedience orders can prevent dog behaviour issues. Ask your puppy to sit instead of letting him jump up as you enter. By teaching your puppy proper conduct, you can prevent many behaviour issues.

Behavior Expectations

Dogs can learn obedience at home. Your pooch needs rules. Positive reinforcement will help your puppy sit, lie down, and come. These commands will help your pet behave.

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