Tortoises & Turtles: How to Keep Them as Pets

Pet turtles are popular. The turtles' habitat might be either land or water. Light, warmth, food, shelter, and security are essential for all turtles.


All reptiles need heat, even turtles. UVB rays aid calcium digestion. Indoor turtles may need heat lights, under-tank heaters, water heaters, and UVB producing bulbs.

Lighting and heating for turtles

Water turtles spend much of their time in water, if not all of it. These turtles live like fish and have particular water needs in addition to other needs.

Caring for Water Turtles

Some people maintain pond turtles. Only warm climates or the summer in colder climates allow this. Warm, sunny months simplify outdoor turtles' heat and lighting needs.

Sheltering Water Turtles in a Garden Pond

Box turtles are box-shaped land turtles. These little turtles have comparable care needs, but aquatic turtles have quite distinct needs. Box turtles can live 50 years with adequate care.

Care for Box Turtles

Box turtles can live outside in a cage. Predators and the sun must be avoided. In-ground fencing, top cover, drinking hole, and hiding location are needed.

Protecting Box Turtles from the Elements

Tortoises live longer than many shelled animals. Many of these long-lived pets may outlast their owners. Before getting a pet tortoise, consider its diet, cleaning needs, and enclosure.

How to Take Care of a Tortoise

You'll need an indoor environment if you can't keep your turtle outside. Large tortoises need a specialised enclosure. Tortoise owners have indoor and outdoor habitats.

Keeping Tortoises in the House

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