Top Signs Your Relationship Isn't Working

Your fights are intensifying

Sometimes it is very common to have normal arguments and conflicts in relationships, but when you and your partner are always fighting and most of the time is going into arguments then your relationship is becoming toxic.

your relationship won't last, there is usually an underlying fear, avoidance, and inattention behind the lack of conflict in a relationship.

Not resolving disputes

When there are constant disputes between you and neither of the two is trying to understand, then your relationship comes to a standstill where nothing is visible except separation. 

But when you act with full restraint when there is a situation of dispute and tension in a relationship, then the relationship is saved from breaking.

You're keeping secrets from your partner

Hiding everything and anything from your partner, keeping everything that your partner should know is being hidden shows that you do not trust your partner. 

If you and your partner aren't completely open and honest with one another, you're more likely to treat each other badly.

Trusting others more than a partner

When a person begins to put their faith in others rather than in their partner, they are less likely to turn to their partner for help in difficult situations.

You used to enjoy being with them, but now you don't

When you are not happy with your relationship, you find different excuses not to spend time together.

At the thought of your partner, you feel tense and are not at all eager to spend time with them.

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