Top-Performing Canine Breeds for the Physically Active

Sled dogs, like Siberian huskies, require regular exercise. Your dog and you can go sledding together. Daily exercise for a husky includes brisk walks, jogs, and treks.

Siberian Husky

Dalmatians once protected carriages and can still outrun horses. Unemployed, they can become hyper. Some overbark. They're perfect for runners and hikers.


Boxers are playful and affectionate. Family pets, but they need structure and exercise. Doggie daycare is great for social boxers. Walking and playing are essential.


The hunting-bred Weimaraner prefers long runs. Hyperactive friendly dogs. Without training and exercise, Weimaraners can be destructive.


The Belgian Malinois requires a job to thrive. If you get a Malinois, let it play dog sports. Nose work and tracking provide cerebral stimulation in addition to everyday activity.

Belgian Malinois

Bright, active Border collies are energetic. Agile and disc-savvy. Pets that require work. Their natural instinct is to herd, yet they enjoy games and puzzles.

Border Collie

Smart and lively, Australian shepherds excel at dog sports. They're raised to herd and enjoy being busy. If not given job, they will often chase animals or people.

Australian Shepherd

Irish setters were designed to be fast hunting dogs and need regular exercise to keep up. They're eager to please but rowdy. They train well and thrive at etiquette, tracking, & agility.

Irish Setter

Jack Russell terriers are a high-energy breed. These dogs aren't lapdogs. Without instruction and daily exercise, they may dig, bark excessively, and behave badly.

Jack Russell Terrier

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