Top 9 Obedience Dog Breeds

Smart border collies. Intelligence, swift learning, and human connection make them docile. They're hard-working and like it. They're easy to teach but bored easily.

Border Collie

Smart and faithful German shepherd. Police and service dogs utilise German shepherds. Loyal and protective. This can cause stranger aggressiveness without socialisation.

German Shepherd

Service dogs are smart, calm, and gentle. They're excellent retrievers. Food rewards help Labs learn, like goldens. Watch lab portions to prevent obesity.

Labrador Retriever

Vizslas are energetic, loyal, and smart. Velcro dogs are eager to please and create deep bonds with their owners. Training helps Vizslas burn off energy.


This lively and happy breed has a wagging tail and enjoys work. It has good retrieving skills and a sensitive nose for dog sports. These dogs need a busy home with lots of activity.

English Springer Spaniel

Elegant looks boost the poodle's popularity. Smart and eager, though. Smart, devoted poodles. Keeping training fun may help them master tricks.


Golden retriever pets are fantastic. Affectionate, patient, polite, and eager. Happy Goldens. Their intelligence makes them trainable. Foodies who'll do anything for a nibble.

Golden Retriever

Havanese are kind and smart. Training little dogs is easier. Positive reinforcement works effectively with the Havanese. Specializes on dog sports and obedience.


Smart terriers are feisty and strong-willed. Manchester terriers are smarter and easier to train. Dogs enjoy being busy, which aids in training.

Manchester Terrier

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