Top 9 Most Powerful Animals

Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 21 feet long and 2,000 pounds. These giants' incredible strength is no surprise. Their bite strength is legendary.

Saltwater Crocodile

They're notorious for pounding their chests with hefty fists when angered, and they're strong. Men can lift 0.75-1.5 times their body weight, while gorillas can lift 10 times.


Despite their rotund appearance, hippos are muscular and agile. Hippos can bite 1,800 lb/in2. Their aggressive and territorial behaviour lets them hurt or kill animals.


Anacondas, boas, and pythons limit prey. Green anacondas bite hardest. Anacondas can exert 90 lbs/in2. This is 30 times as much force as a hand squeeze and feels like a school bus on your chest.


Jaguars are the largest, strongest cats. The western big cats. Jaguars bite 1,500 psi and swipe 500 pounds. A jaguar swipe can break bones and kill crocodiles.


Strong, kind African elephants. Trunks can raise 800 pounds. Elephants carry a tonne. Elephants' strength helps in logging, farming, and building.

African Elephants

These big predators are among the largest land mammals in the U.S.Grizzly bears can bite and swipe with approximately 800 psi. A grizzly's swipe might kill.

Grizzly Bears

Large, domed, deeply sutured frontals better absorb head-on collisions; the bison's low-held head cushions the neck.


Leafcutters are small but robust, like dung beetles. Leafcutter ants shred leaves seeking fungus. These ants can cut 50 times their own weight, making them strong proportionally.

Leafcutter Ants

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