Top 9 Lengthy-Necked Animals


Ostriches are flightless ratites. They're the largest savanna birds. An adult male ostrich's neck comprises approximately half of his 3.2-foot height.


Gerenuks devour plant matter. Gerenuks have 0.8-foot necks, robust back limbs, and wedge-shaped hooves.

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis is a pink spoonbill-related bird. South American wading bird with long neck, down-curved bill, and webbed feet. It inhabits mudflats, marshes, 

Whooper Swan

Whooper Swans can reach 4 feet (1.2 metres) in height. From tail to beak, it's 5 feet (1.5 metres). Swans' necks are 3 feet (0.91 metres) longer than geese's.


Flamingo wades Black flight feathers with pink tips. Four flamingo species inhabit America. S-shaped necks allow them filter-feed on brine shrimp, crabs, and algae.


Long neck, humped back, long thin legs, and short tail distinguish camels. Their long neck descends to a short, thin head. Camel's long neck helps them eat ground plants.


South American camelid with no humps. Huacaya and Suri are alpaca breeds. Long, shaggy necks, wide mouths, huge noses. 3.8-foot necks have two jobs.


These thin animals are the largest of the four lamoid species, averaging 5.8 feet tall. These sociable animals have 4-foot-long necks. Plants are their food.


Giraffes have the world's longest necks. A female giraffe's neck can be 7 feet long, but a male's can be 8 feet.

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