Top 9 Birds With Red Beaks

This bird has a bright red beak and mostly black feathers. It spends most of its time during the year mating, and around low tide it can be seen soaring over Pacific coast beaches in search of crabs and mussels to eat.

Black Oystercatcher

These birds resemble flamingos with their pink legs and reddish bills. These attractive wading birds live in shallow Southeastern marshes. They nest on trees and shrubs around estuaries, although they don't always return.

White Ibis

This is North America's most common tern. Long, angular wings, a red beak, grey breast, and black cap. Common Terns sip while flying with their wings up.

Common Tern

The Northern Cardinal is among the most iconic red creatures in the world, prompting many to study ornithology. They're attractive, peaceful, and keep their reddish plumage year-round.

Northern Cardinal

This gray-bellied hummingbird has a grey belly, red bill, and blue-green and brown plumage. This hummingbird lives in south Texas gardens, thickets, and river corridors.


Large black-and-white birds with a reddish bill skim the water to prey. The black skimmer hunts by lowering its lower mouth into the water, touching a fish, then grabbing it.

Black Skimmer

Purple Gallinules' stunning palette of cherry red, sky blue, moss green, aquamarine, indigo, violet, and school bus yellow suits the tropical and subtropical wetlands of the southeastern U.S.

Purple Gallinule

Tufted Puffins are worth witnessing at least once in a lifetime. Huge yellow feathers cover their large head, matching its red beak and white face. These seabirds migrate from the subtropical Pacific to the Arctic.

Tufted Puffin

Male zebra finches have black, white, grey, orange, and brown plumage, whereas females are completely grey. Red eyes match orange-red beak.

Zebra Finch

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