Top 8 snakes that eat themselves

King Cobra 

King Cobra means "snake eater." King Cobras eat mostly snakes, however they sometimes eat large lizards like monitors. King Cobras are avid hunters and will chase a snake once they smell it. One of the world's largest snakes.


Kingsnakes are named after the King Cobra because they consume other snakes. King Snakes have many species and subspecies. King Snakes are immune to other snakes' poison, allowing them to consume Rattle Snakes.


Non-venomous coachwhips prefer dry areas. They're fast and chase down prey. They devour lizards, amphibians, insects, rodents, and other snakes.

Indigo Snakes 

Indigo Snakes are huge, nonvenomous U.S. snakes. Sandhills and marshes are their habitats. Indigo Snakes consume birds, animals, amphibians, and tiny turtles.


Cottonmouths are poisonous Pit Vipers native to the Southeastern U.S. As their common name suggests, these snakes like water.

Garter Snakes

North American garter snakes are common. They live in many habitats and eat many different foods. Garter Snakes are placid, so it may surprise you that they're fierce hunters.

Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes don't eat corn. Corn Snakes are popular pets due of their colouring and quietness. Pets, indeed. Corn Snakes are called Rat Snakes because they eat rats.


Asia and Africa have many cobra species. King Cobras are related to Cobras but are not true Cobras. Cobras devour rodents, birds, eggs, and other snakes. Cobras cannibalise more than believed.

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