Maine Coon

There is a big cat breed called the Maine Coon. Maine Coons weigh anything from 9 to 18 pounds and are quite social and sociable.


This semi-long-haired breed weighs 10 to 20 pounds and loves people. But why Ragdoll? While this breed is friendly, they go limp when lifted up, earning their ragdoll nickname.

American Bobtail

The long, bushy tails of this 7-16 pound cat are a giveaway of its imposing size. In the same vein as other large dog breeds, American Bobtails are friendly.

The Chausie

Jungle cat hybrids are known as Chausies. Chausies who are also intelligent can feel isolated. This giant breed has an energetic drive to run, jump, and play. 13-25lbs.

The Savannah Cat

Newer big cat breed: the Savannah. Savannahs are a new species, therefore weights haven't been tracked as thoroughly as others, but owners have reported 20-pounders.

Norwegian Forest 

Norwegian breeders combined domestic cats with wild forest cats to create these huge, strong cats. The domesticated breed is friendly, playful, and intelligent.


This large, smart Siberian cat is rare. Short summers and long winters made it so. Bringing the animal indoors revealed its true colours. Siberian cats are affectionate and playful.


Ragamuffins are connected to ragdolls. Large, cuddly, and mellow describes the ragamuffin. Ragamuffin cats are gentle and have thick coats.

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