To What Extent Do You Know That Your Cat Is a Purebred?

The physical appearance specifications of most cat breeds allow for multiple eye and fur colours or coat patterns. If you're trying to identify your cat's-

breed by its colours and patterns, this can make it tough. Mixed-breed house cats come in practically every colour and pattern with different fur lengths.

Variations Between Domestic and Purebred Cats

Most house cats are domestic short-haired, medium-haired, or long-haired, not pure breeds. However, you can still own a purebred cat.

Domestic Cat

Domestic cats have a varied history. Domestic cats vary in size, diet, and care. Their coats are black, white, grey, orange, and all colours in between.

Most domestic cats are mixed-breed. Cats with different coat patterns and colours are often referred to by these traits, even though they are not breeds.

Pure Breeds

Purebred cats have distinct traits that set them apart from domestic cats. Some cat breeds have shattered faces, bent ears, wavy fur, and no fur.

if you ignore fur lengths, hues, and patterns, domestic cats seem alike. They share ears, heads, and bodies. Many purebred cats seem remarkably different when lined up.

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