To what extent are two kittens better than one?

Together, they'll provide a healthy dose of intellectual stimulation.

Despite stereotypes, cats are social. Bored, lonely, and unpleasant behaviour can result from too much alone time. Kittens will entertain each other. As you work, they'll play and nap. Want kittens? Same-litter or shelter kittens are best.

Easy-Peasy for Training

"Kitten see, kitten do" is the motto. Kittens learn from other cats to use the litter box, groom, and avoid pinching and scratching. If one kitten learns good behaviour quickly, the other will do so even faster.

One another will motivate the other to be fit and busy

Kittens waste energy many ways. His impulsive jumps are entertaining. Furniture-chewing isn't funny. Even a dedicated cat parent may not have hours to play. Another cat helps. Relax and watch the kittens play.

Food Selectiveness Is Reduced

A fussy eater can be irritating and dangerous if she refuses to eat for days. Curiosity often overcomes a fussy cat's food aversion. If she sees her sister eating, she'll want to, too.

They're Probably Going to Begin Grooming Each Other

Cats are proficient at self-grooming, but a sibling can help with hard-to-reach spots. Your pair may adopt a grooming regimen after eating or playing.

Compared to a single adoption, the cost of adopting two is quite low

It's not necessary to break the bank to buy some happiness and cuteness. Getting two kittens is the same price as getting one. Everything was a communal effort, including the litter bins, dishes, toys, and beds.

Your older cat can go completely crazy if you bring home a new kitten

You should get two kittens if you have a cat.  Your senior cat can be worried about the new kitten because she thinks of it as a friend. The two kittens are playing together, leaving your older cat alone.

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