You know that an Aries person may choose to involve you in his spontaneous activities so if he doesn't choose it's probably not love.


You know that a Taurus man doesn't love you when he doesn't open up to you and doesn't share his whole life with you.


When a Gemini person seems distracted he doesn't love you because he will make you feel like a priority rather than an inconvenience.


A Cancerian doesn't love you when he hesitates to introduce you to his family and friends.


Leo are usually very sociable and like to be the center of attention if he's not making himself noticeable when you're around it means he doesn't care specifically.


A typical Virgo man is not transparent so you will never really know if he loves someone because he is so private about his feelings.


Libras are always there for those they love if he doesn't show up for those moments, no matter what he doesn't love you.


A Scorpio person doesn't love you when he's jealous of the other men in your life because when he's with someone he really loves he learns to control that jealousy.


A Sagittarius person does not love you when he can't talk about the future because he likes to talk to his close ones about his future.


When a Capricorn makes excuses, he doesn't love you because a Capricorn doesn't make excuses for the person he loves and he's never too busy for them.


You know that an Aquarius person doesn't love you is on autopilot and he says what you like to hear, not what he really feels.


When a Pisces person is in love he is an over-romantic but when he is not in love he leaves you hanging or not completely where he should have been.


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