Aries love honesty and if you're really willing to resume contact, just let them know that you have a few things in your heart.


Don't shy away from getting back into your seductive costumes and present yourself as a powerful, intriguing and successful woman who won't be able to resist you when she first set her eyes on you.


Gemini always remembers a partner feeling, a friend of the past who made them laugh, the memories you shared together and when you were initially dating.


Take a walk together in the streets of nostalgia and focus on all the wonderful aspects that were in your relationship and use your femininity as your ace card.


Leo likes to know that you're ready to take him back and won't start contacting him until you really prove that you'll do anything to get him back.


Virgos will remember excerpts and pieces of your love story, reunite her romantic interest over drinks or dinner and remind her of details that can never take away your sadness.


Tell us something about a mutual friend or project, the libras are social and like to be involved, most of all they don't complain about past romantic partners, so here's your green light.


Scorpios appreciate people who can stand their ground and face the facts as they are.


Sags is always interested in what he may not have, so it might be a good idea that he should yearn for you and show him what he's been missing since the two of you broke up.


Tell him what you want from him. He will appreciate the challenge and will always cherish your honesty.


Send him a link to an article that you know he will have a lot of fun reading, ask him what he's doing he'll love effortlessly and he'll never forget you.


Use your sensitivity and femininity to address your feelings, ask her about her but with patience and without revealing too much about yourself.


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