The 'Thor' Cast's Fitness Snack

Fans can't wait to watch "Thor: Love & Thunder" in theatres. The many advertising photographs & videos show that the stars worked hard to seem like superheroes.

Natalie Portman's arm muscles in the trailer rival Chris Hemsworth's. What kind of diet was the "Thor" cast on to take on Gorr the God Butcher, who wants to kill all the gods?

Almonds are their common meal. Nut reduces wrinkles & tummy obesity. One ounce contains 6 grammes of plant protein, 4 grammes of fibre, 50% of your daily Vitamin E, and 20% of your magnesium.

"Thor" stars didn't eat almonds all day. Hemsworth loved almond butter & milk. Hemsworth & his trainer Luke Zocchi posted an Instagram photo of their pre-workout smoothie.

Men's Health says Hemsworth ate 10 meals a day to bulk up.

Every third meal, he'd be so full that Zocchi would bring him a protein shake with a double scoop of protein, banana, almond butter, two dates, & salt.

Avoid that! Almond butter provides seven times more calcium than peanut butter, improving bone strength & lowering blood pressure. Portman had to bulk up like Hemsworth, but she hadn't before.

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