You feel a very intense but very vague and unspecified fear, you know something is wrong, something you should be deeply concerned about.


Your mind runs a thousand miles a minute, trying to stop your mind from running will be as futile as standing in front of a train and trying to stop it.


You become forced, whether it's eating, drinking, getting drunk, or shopping, you enjoy your compulsions until you run out of money, time, energy, or brain cells.


Anxiety paralyzes you to such an extent that you are afraid to even breathe. It frees you from time and irony.


You are reacting physically as if you are in immediate danger of losing your life, take a deep breath and take a sip of water then another deep breath.


You may have accidentally forgotten your mother's birthday three days after it came and went? You can tell if a piece is missing, but you won't even know where to look at it.


You cry and express your concern and not just over past sufferings and present injustices you cry over everything.


You don't realize that the basic point of having anxiety is to motivate you to get yourself out of a negative situation, not immerse yourself deeply in it.


A masseur will be the best person to tell when you're worried, as anxiety manifests in your muscles with you.


You're usually very outgoing and agitated, minute anxiety calms you down like a church mouse.


To hide the fact that a volcano is brewing inside you, you pretend that the time of your life is going on. You hug people, kiss children,


A deep sense of unreality falls on you and life suddenly feels like a dream, you know you're putting one foot in front of the other leg, but are you really walking?

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