You show interest in his dazzlingly enthusiastic world of concepts and beliefs and hold his hand in difficulties and do not shy away from being completely honest to him.


You learn and accept her boundaries, she will remain loyal to a partner whose life goal coincides with her and who is a true woman inside and outside Of Boudore.


You learn to give him the freedom to engage in life changing adventures, even when you have your doubts he will love you to entrust him with your kindness and patience.


You play a game of seducing like an ace and lure him into his favorite world, he is a lover of sophisticated things in life and has a sensible imaginative soul.


You learn that for him you should give a little more than you expect to receive, to bathe you with extraordinary gifts and heartfelt proofs of love.


You calibrate your male/female sides to match her ability to match the qualities in both sexes in a relationship.


You learn to balance your life between closeness and distance with him.


He sees love as a secret, sensual world of miracles, and will worship the woman who dedicates herself completely.


You travel the world with him and let him experience the fullness of life while holding your hand in difficult times.


You learn to accept his need for comfort and stability, show him that you are his safest bet and that he will always take care of you.


You learn to accept her need for freedom and appreciate the quirks that make her so special.


You pay attention to his sensitivity and learn to embrace a person who is willing to dive deep into the world together with you, especially in the long run.

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