You cry like a baby and throw things on the floor in anger but you calm down as soon as the ice cream arrives.


You hate confrontation but if you've been angry for a long time you'll start punching the walls and throwing things.


If people are able to understand what you're saying, it involves insulting insults designed to destroy your opponent's self esteem.


You'll make many passive aggressive comments about the hairstyle of the person who has made you angry.


You'll explode into a white hot rage and you'll get so tired of getting angry, you'll fall asleep, when you wake up, you forget what made you angry at first.


You'll ignore all their attempts to apologize to the person who has angered you, hoping you've made them as angry as they did you.


Your way to maintain peace when you're angry is to avoid all interactions with the person who has offended you.


Passive aggressive and non controversial by nature, you will take a cold and cruel revenge.


Imagine that a nuclear bomb is exploding, your anger is exactly like a nuclear bomb, whoever comes on it does not survive.


You will neither forgive nor forget so instead you stop forgiveness forever, knowing that it is like stabbing the person gently over and over again.


You hate the person who started arguing and fighting so you'd rather order pizza than argue.


Most of the time you'll vent your anger on yourself, it won't be pretty but that's what they get to make you angry at first.


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