Things that people do that dogs absolutely hate

Posing Uncomfortable Situations for Them

When you put your dog in a stressful position, he's stressed. It's called flooding and doesn't always work. Better to ease your dog in. Keep him away and reward him for being peaceful.

Feeling Isolated or Disregarded

Dogs hate being alone. Some dogs like humans, while others prefer other dogs. Home with your dog? Make dog friends. Everyday should include exercise and mental stimulation.

Powerful Scents

Dogs love all fragrances and odours. Strong smells and chemicals harm dogs' noses. Avoid spraying your dog directly. Avoid spraying your dog's face with medicine.

The use of a loud voice and severe discipline

Dogs don't understand words, but they detect emotions. Yelling and severe punishment may shock or scare a sensitive or fearful dog. Fear won't earn you respect or deepen your connection.

Rules and routines are lacking

You probably haven't taught your dog the rules if he's misbehaving. Training gives your dog structure. Your dog's internal clock needs routine. Consistently feed your dog. If feasible, start exercising.

Restricting a Dog's Freedom of Movement While Walking

Walking isn't only exercise for dogs. Outdoor walks let your dog explore. Your dog explores the world through smell and other senses. Not allowing your dog to sniff is cruel.

Approaching a dog too closely and invading his or her space

Dogs loathe humans getting in their faces, much like hugs. Imagine how you'd feel. Avoid putting your hands in a dog's face and towering over them. Especially if the dog doesn't know you.


The reality of people holding dogs is unsettling. Stranger hugs bother dogs. Threatening a dog with arms around its neck or torso. Dogs tolerate but don't like human hugs.

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