Things that can destroy your relationship

Trust problems

The most important thing in any relationship is trust without it everything else in the partnership suffers. 

It is very difficult to build trust on each other and when this trust breaks, it does not connect again.

Jealousy and  disloyalty

Suspicion is such a thing that can destroy any relationship. Betrayal and jealousy are enough to destroy any relationship.

Avoid making accusations without evidence and be honest if you have doubts if you want to keep the connection going.

Lack of stability

Imbalance occurs when one or both partners neglect the relationship, feeling unheard and ignored, prioritizing other people or events instead.

Abusive behavior

Abusive language is never acceptable in any relationship and showing a lack of respect for your partner's values, opinions, and emotions can destroy trust and closeness.

Not respecting your partner and always hurting his/her feelings can also end your relationship.

Disagreements in compatibility

When two people aren't compatible, they don't have anything in common to work for, and they end up working against each other a lot.

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