Pandemic-Era Shortages: Hot Sauce, Baby Formula


If you braved a food store early in the pandemic, you were undoubtedly shocked. Displays were emptied of objects we regularly take for granted.


Sriracha fans should try different hot sauces to find a new favourite. Huy Fong Inc., a major Asian hot sauce maker, predicts a scarcity.


Buttery movie popcorn is a luxury that may become rare. Popcorn is growing more expensive as farmers move to more productive crops that require less fertiliser. 

Baby Formula

Out-of-stock rates have jumped to 40% in recent weeks, up from single digits earlier in 2021. Some states report 50% out-of-stocks.


Quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies are scarce again. In summer 2020, when germ-conscious customers converted to credit cards, a coin task force urged Americans to unlock their piggy banks.

Pizza rolls & canned biscuits

Notice missing refrigerated doughs and Totino's Pizza Rolls? General Mills has trouble meeting demand.

Head Stones

Supply-chain problems sometimes go beyond grocery shelves. Granite, saws, stencils, & laborers are in short supply, causing mourning families to wait for headstones.

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