The ideal mate may seem different for each girl, but they are all searching for someone who can make them happy. 

She seems pretty content in a relationship provided her partner possesses certain qualities.


A girl wants her partner to be daring with whom she feels safe and happy every moment.

Cognize sentiments

A girl wants her lover to feel truly understood and to be there for her no matter what.


Every girl wants that she gets a chance to spend more and more time with her partner, so she expects your time from you.


Every girl likes to hear compliments and when her partner compliments her on every little thing, she looks happy.


Every girl wants her boyfriend to surprise her because girls love surprises.

Understand the choice

The girl wants her boyfriend to understand her likes and treat her accordingly instead of promoting her dislikes.

Promote Happiness

A girl expects her boyfriend to maintain a pleasant atmosphere all the time and take care of her happiness.

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