These signs indicate that you are not happy in your marriage

Whenever you talk among yourselves, most of your talks turn into arguments.

There is a lot of debate

When things start hiding between couples, they do not share anything with each other and keep many secrets from each other.

Tend to keep secrets

When you are not happy with the relationship, then you start getting irritation from each other's actions or each other's words.

Irritation develops

When you go through some pain or sorrow, your partner does not care about it and you are made to feel ignored.

Feel ignored

When the distance between the two of you starts increasing, then you do not share happiness or sorrow with each other.

No sharing

When you start feeling lonely even when both are together, then you are regretting your marriage.

Feeling lonely

When you are not happy with your marriage and things start going too far, then the thought of separating from your partner starts coming in your mind.

Separation anxiety

When it comes to your connection, neither emotional nor physical closeness is tolerated, nor are jokes shared.

A lack of joy & closeness

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