These signs could mean you've found the right person

Love requires attraction. Intimacy requires vulnerability. They may divulge their childhoods, deepest fears, needs, and what makes them envious and angry. 

A deep emotional and physical bond 

Love is finding home. Seeing each other as homes shows eternal love. Your partner is comforting. Though clichéd, you'll feel like you've known them forever. They calm.

Comfortable in each other's company

Love makes you thrilled and frightened. Early passion and fire are prevalent. You know you've discovered the right person when they make you feel safe and protected.

Finding that you and your partner have objectives and aspirations is a good indicator. You want to spend more time together and get to know one other.

You both hold similar beliefs

If your spouse shares your values, you're on the right route. Healthy relationships start here. Similar worldviews make it easier to agree on crucial issues.

Sometimes love is messy. If your spouse loves you despite your mistakes and pulls you up instead of tearing you down, you've discovered a terrific person to commit to.

Your lover adores your flaws

Best Life says that if your partner loves you through your worst moments, your relationship is forever. Nobody is flawless, and finding someone who loves you despite your flaws is a sign of true love.

All relationships—including personal ones—have boundaries. Boundaries balance partnerships. They empower relationships, prevent enmeshment, and eliminate resentment.

Healthy boundaries exist between you

Establishing clear boundaries with your partner helps you both understand what you're both comfortable with and what you're not, as well as how you each expect to be treated in the relationship.

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