These habits make your girlfriend away from you

Lack of focus on the partner

Treat your spouse nicely and don't disregard them because sometimes being conscious with your partner might make them feel bad. 

 A breakup occurs when one partner stops communicating with another because they are no longer comfortable with his girlfriend or wife.

Excessive reliance on one's partner

When someone is dependent on his partner and for any work or for some other things, he is more dependent on his girlfriend or wife,

All these things seem good for some time, but when they increase, then the partner makes a relationship in an attempt to get out of it.


When the partner does not get the respect he deserves, and by ignoring him all the time,

The partner starts being humiliated again and again in front of someone else, then the partner gets upset and leaves the relationship.


When you start comparing your girlfriend with someone else again and again, then no girlfriend likes you and she goes away from you.

Bringing up the past

Your girlfriend will break up with you if you try to pry into her history and force her to rehash her terrible experiences.

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