These foods are harmful!

Adding nutmeg to mac 'n' cheese, gnocchi dough, or mulled wine rarely causes negative effects. Myristicin overdose causes headaches, nausea, dizziness, & hallucinations in excessive dosages. Rarely deadly. Use a small amount.


Farmed salmon's healthiness is hotly debated. Oily fish contain healthy omega-3 lipids. Organic Consumers Association calls farmed salmon "toxic junk food."


Everyone's chilli tolerance varies. Some can eat a super-hot Thai salad while others couldn't handle a moderate chicken tikka masala. Chili peppers can cause more than burns.


Unless you're allergic, sushi, poke, & ceviche rarely cause health problems. Raw fish meals are popular, but worm diseases have increased. Anisakis in raw, smoked, or incorrectly frozen fish can induce severe gastrointestinal pain & vomiting.


Oysters Raw are freshly shucked, on the half shell, & served with lemon. They can transmit germs & viruses that cause vibriosis, which causes diarrhoea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, fever, & chills.


One in 200 people in some populations have a peanut allergy. Most people can enjoy chicken satay and peanut butter, but individuals with allergies can die.


Chicken is one of the most popular meats, but it's also prone to infection & can create health problems if handled improperly. Salmonella & campylobacter can induce flu-like symptoms, nausea, & vomiting.


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