These first-date tips will impress the female

It is very important to go well on the first date to start love, the girl can be impressed by taking care of some things,

It is very important to have patience, maintain patience while dating and listen to the girl's words and react accordingly.

Keep patience

While talking on the first date, do not just insist on your own words, but listen to the words of the crush and try to adopt his opinion.

Give value to crush's opinion

On the first date, you should show the girl a lot of respect by being polite to her and not forgetting to be respectful to her.

Give full respect

Don't talk about her past even by mistake on your first date, she may get sad because of her old past.

Don't talk about the past

Do not look here and there again and again or look at your phone, keep your full focus on the girl so that it seems that your full attention is on the girl.

Stay focused

Choose the right place for the first date, do not make the mistake of taking him to a place where he starts feeling himself.

Choose the right place

Avoid showing off during the first date, try to show your reality, showing off may make him reject you.

Show off

Do not make senseless comments and when talking, try your best to see decency in most of you while talking.

Comment sensibly

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