Small squabbles often happen in a relationship, but sometimes things escalate, and a husband and wife are unable to face each other.

Often after marriage, couples get entangled in very sharp arguments with each other and a rift starts coming in the relationship. Following are some bad habits that every married person should avoid doing.

When couples start lying to each other or one of the two keeps on lying often, it creates a lot of misunderstandings in the relationship.

Lying habits

 And whenever one of the two is lying and if his lie is caught, then it becomes the main reason for breaking the relationship.

If you start spending time with someone else by deceiving your partner, and as soon as your partner comes to know about this, then they break the relationship with you.

when the partner cheats

After marriage, when you do not give time to each other and do not talk and go on dates like before, then your relationship breaks.


Due to not giving time, the partner often gets angry and starts trying to do something else on his behalf.

If either of the two partners lacks respect for the other's family, it often becomes a point of fight.

For insulting each other's family

After marriage, there is equal responsibility of husband and wife in everything, but if one starts avoiding his/her own responsibilities, then the relationship starts deteriorating.

Attempting to avoid taking responsibility

If one of the two in the relationship develops the habit of doubting, then it often becomes the main reason for fighting.

To doubt

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