These factors cause distance in relationships despite love

Despite having a lot of love, it doesn't take time for the relationship to break due to the distance in the relationship, as when you start tolerating each other.

Being over protective

Sometimes, being overly protective can be harmful to a relationship

It's pleasant for a few days, but it doesn't take long to end the bond between two people who are overly protective of each other.

Separation on an emotional level

When there is no feeling for each other in the relationship then no one likes to be in a relationship without emotional attachment.

When utilised

Couples leave their partners in such a relationship when they feel that they are being used in a relationship.

lack of interaction

While some couples get closer as time goes on, others grow apart.

In the absence of communication and the same level of demonstrable affection as previously, a partnership is doomed to drift apart.

Fear of Missing Out

When one of the two lovers starts to fear that they have to leave many things behind to be together and what will be the result of this.

Attempt to alter

When one partner is compelled to change, tensions tend to resurface in a relationship.

Be very hurt

When the partner is hurt again and again and no stone is left unturned to hurt, deceive, then the partner separates himself from the relationship.

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