Your Blood Pressure-Raising Eating Habit

If your blood puts too much pressure on your artery walls over time, you have hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Poor eating and drinking habits, lack of exercise, & smoking can raise blood pressure.

One strategy to lower blood pressure is to adjust what you eat, both by adding and removing things.

Stopping one eating habit could make a major difference in your health & blood pressure.

Burak believes eating a high-sodium diet can raise blood pressure. Which comes from processed, packaged foods including deli meats, smoked & canned foods, & chips & dips.

The American diet is full of salty foods, & certain people are sensitive to them, says Burak.

She suggests eating more fruits & veggies. She recommends eating less packaged products, cleaning canned foods, & choosing less salty foods like grilled chicken over deli chicken.

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