Customers' 4 Worst Fast-Food Launches

Fast-food companies are changing their menus for summer.

In the previous month: McDonald's introduced a pretzel-flavored McFlurry, Chipotle added Pollo Asado, Chick-fil-A launched  Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. 

In the previous month or so, the quick-service industry has witnessed just as many flops as successes. Here are four customer-disliked fast-food launches.

Arby's Wagyu Burger

Arby's new Wagyu Steakhouse Burger debuted Monday as a "better fast-food burger." Arby's had never made a burger before, so the Wagyu Steakhouse was a first. 

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza returned this month after a two-year sabbatical to much fanfare. Taco Bell fans have demanded Mexican Pizza's return.

Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell

Burger King's Whopper Melt promotion was inspired by Taco Bell's Chicken Taco marketing. Customers were asked if the handheld sandwich was "truly a Whopper."

Whopper Melt

Popeyes has updated its Crispy Chicken Sandwich with the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich. The limited-time release features crispy chicken fillet coated in buttermilk.

Popeyes' Buffalo Ranch Sandwich

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