These Are the Most Endearing Zodiac Signs

Some of the zodiac signs are known for their dry sense of humour, while others are known for their generous nature. How do the planets factor into the-

 decision of who gets all the treats, all the seasonings, and everything nice? Maybe after spending time with some of the zodiac's most beloved signs.


They are emotional beings because the mother moon rules the water signs. The cancer's ability to empathise helps others relax.

Despite their sharp pincers and foul dispositions, cancers are surprisingly nice. Cancers are naturally compassionate people. This helpful symbol is always there to aid those in need. 


Libras know that sugar helps drugs go down. Libras are sweet and diplomatic, making them easy to get along with. Venus, their ruling planet, gives them their sweetness as social air signs.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, soothes Libra. Libras, ruled by the scales, naturally seek peace and avoid conflict. They do this by being extra-friendly.


Pisces are lovers, not fighters. Fish are idealistic and kind, which makes them naturally sweet. Pisces, a changeable water sign, prefers to go with the flow and avoids conflict. 

Pisces are sensitive and intuitive because Neptune rules them. They're in tune with their own emotions and can sense others', so they may cheer people up before they realise they're upset.

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