These Are the 9 Cutest Animals on Earth

Red Panda

With their fluffy tails and lovely cheeks, red pandas are adorable. Tree-dwelling, reddish-brown, secretive animals. Climbers who eat leaves and bamboo.


Koalas are dubbed 'bears' No bears. Grey koalas have white chest patches. Both thumbs help them hold branches.

Arctic Fox

The arctic fox is a small, Arctic-dwelling fox. These foxes have thick, white fur to keep them warm.Sharp fangs and claws help them kill prey.


Meerkats reside in Africa's deserts. These furry creatures have long bodies and short legs. Meerkats build tunnels with their powerful claws in groups of up to 30.

Fennec Fox

Tiny Sahara Desert fox. Foxes' large ears maintain body temperature and hear prey. Fennec foxes eat locusts, rats, and other small animals.


The pika lives in Asia and North American highlands. Pikas are members of the lagomorph family, which includes rabbits and hares.

Pygmy Goat

These small goats are quirky. Pygmy goats adore herding. They're playful and seek human attention.


Quokkas are Australian marsupials. Cute brown or grey animals with spherical bodies and short tails.Quokkas are nocturnal yet sometimes sighted during the day.

Long talied tit

Small bird with black, white, and pink plumage. Its lengthy tail can be double its body length. The social long-tailed tit produces big flocks.

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