US ghost supermarkets & restaurants

Places forgotten

Once-buzzing restaurants might become shells with faded menus, peeling paint, & rubbish after a hurricane or shopping mall failure.

Coney Island, NY's KFC

Horace Bullard bought the abandoned Shore Theater in 1979. Bullard had enormous ideas for the decaying region, buying several homes at once.

Houston's Magic Island

Magic Island, a magnificent restaurant with music & entertainment, debuted in 1983. It was once a private members' club with Ancient Egyptian-style decor.

Ashtabula's Mall

In 2014 photos, the food court at Ashtabula Mall, renamed Ashtabula Towne Square, appears eerie.

Michigan's Super Kmart

Since 2014, this Super Kmart on John R Road in Madison Heights has stood abandoned. Built in 1962 as an E.J. Korvette, it became a Kmart in 1981 & a Super Kmart in 2000.

Lincoln Park Mall, Michigan

Lincoln Park Shopping Center started in 1957 as "the Sears shopping centre" It once had a Sears, Dollar Tree, Rainbow USA.

Cincinnati's Forest Fair Mall food court

Forest Fair Mall opened in the late 1980s with a Bigg's Hypermarket & department stores. In its early days, the Cincinnati Mall contained a carousel.

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